Family Tree Maker

Customer Testimonials

I have used and Family Tree Maker for several years, and they have made my life and my children’s lives much richer. Together they provide the very best way to discover our roots and who we are.

Mary Hoverson

The novice will immediately enjoy this intuitive, easy-to-use software, while the experienced genealogist will revel in the powerful tools and customizations – Family Tree Maker is definitely for everyone!

Alan Pfahl

Family Tree Maker has provided me a tool that I can easily use to research, record, organize, and share my family history – it has been invaluable!

Monica Hinson

Family Tree Maker is the easiest, fastest, most user-friendly genealogy program I have ever used. I knew nothing when I began and am now quite proficient. I frequently discover something that is new and makes data entry even faster and easier. The technical support that is offered is amazing – I love the program!

Linda Marrs

I have been using Family Tree Maker since 1995 and it is the package I recommend to friends and family. With built in tutorials and the Companion Guide, it’s easy for anyone to get up and running with their family history research. It’s great!

Steven Novak

Family Tree Maker has all the tools needed for your genealogy research: family charts and reports, organization of photos, ability to write a story of ancestors or to create a family book. It is user friendly so anybody, at any computer skill level can use it. I have been a faithful user for over 20 years!

Sheila Smelser

I have used Family Tree Maker since it was a DOS program, and although I have tried other programs, I keep coming back to Family Tree Maker as it has everything I want in a genealogy program.

Mona Cashman

Family Tree Maker provides an easy, yet comprehensive, means to record and share my ancestors' life stories.

Becky Stephens

Family Tree Maker is one of the most valuable tools anyone can use who is interested in finding out about past generations. Its easy directions can make anyone an instant researcher.

Orlando Adelman Jr

Thanks to Family Tree Maker, my genealogy research is now completely organized and beautifully presented with a large variety of display options – even my young grandchildren understand where they fit in our tree. I have been using Family Tree Maker for years and really wouldn’t trust anything else for our family information.

Nancy Rooney

I've used several integrated genealogy packages in the past, but Family Tree Maker made the search for, and merging of new data so easy I wonder why I had wasted so much time and money before. Thank you FTM - I am a complete convert.

Graham Jackson

It was very easy to get started. And it was so satisfying to finally have family names, dates and photos organized in one place. Seeing it all in Family Tree Maker brought my family history to life and made me want to dig deeper.

Judith B

I have used Family Tree Maker for years and find each new edition includes valuable enhancements for the genealogy researcher. It has been a necessary tool in my collection and organization of family information: I now have more than 12,000 family members in my genealogy file. Family Tree Maker has made it easy for me to create a family history book. I could not be where I am in my genealogy research without this indispensible resource to aid my research.

William Bryan

With Family Tree Maker and, finding my roots has been easy and rewarding. I have also connected with relatives whom I never knew existed before I published my tree. You can’t put a price on sharing stories with newly discovered family members!

Dale Chamberlain

With Family Tree Maker, I can easily organize my family tree and share it with loved ones now — and pass it on to my descendants in the future. What a gift!

Shirley Ann McComas

I didn’t think I had enough information to discover anything, let alone use a software program. Then, to my amazement and delight, Family Tree Maker connected me to people, places and things that transformed my life story — in mere minutes. What a rewarding experience.

Amy London

Tips and Tricks

"It’s always a good idea to keep copies or backups of your work. You can save to a different location on your hard drive or select another method—removable media (floppy disk, CD or DVD, flash drive)."